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Mind & Body

Navigating Sex After Menopause

Though it might seem taboo, menopause is a natural part of a woman’s life! We put together some tips on managing your sex life post-menopause.

Nootropics for Focus

Brain fog getting the best of you? We’ve been there. You might want to try a nootropic supplement! Don't know what that means? Keep reading to find out.

What Does Sex Positivity Mean?

It’s a story as old as time: people getting judged for anything remotely sexual. Time to throw that out the window and learn about sex positivity!

I’m 27 and I Just Had My First Orgasm. Why?

I’ve always been comfortable with my sexuality. I regularly have conversations with other women about what empowers us through personal experience. What drives us towards desire? What fuels our lust and passion? My circle and I are comfortable, open, and no topics are off-limits.  These types of conversations with friends...

Surviving a Breakup Through Bird Watching

It had only been a month since I discovered the disgusting texts on his phone. The texts made it obvious - there was no question he was having an affair with his coworker who was at least twice our age... My alarm was going off 4 hours before work so I...

Sleepyhead vs Sleepy CBD Gummies - What's The Difference?

  We just launched our new dynamic duo of gummies and they’re formulated better than ever. Sleepyhead and Rise Up are our newest pair of gummies that are created without CBD and contain additional ingredients that are of course, designed for a woman’s body.  Winged is known for our incredible,...

Winged CBD: What Sets Us Apart?

Choosing where to buy CBD oil can make or break your entire experience. Winged Wellness was founded by women, for women to help you have a great CBD experience.

Take Back Your Weekend

At times work days seem to blur together, and once the weekend hits, your days zoom by. Break the cycle and reclaim the weekend with these easy tips!

What Are Adaptogens?

Adaptogens have earned their spotlight for doing some pretty amazing things, especially to your biggest enemy: stress.