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Mind & Body

Why Do I Wake in the Middle of the Night?

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your health, and when you can’t seem to sleep, it can cause major disturbances.  

Try Vitex For Estrogen Dominance

Estrogen dominance can wreak havoc on your body, but remedies containing vitex can help you take back control!

How to Calm Sunday Scaries & Prevent a Case of the Mondays

Picture this: it’s 2:00 pm on a Sunday,  you’re relaxing and enjoying the weekend, and then, all of a sudden, that all-too-familiar feeling of dread hits.  Most of us know this feeling as the Sunday Scaries. When the Scaries happen, we often feel as though a freight train of anxious...

Does Grounding Really Work?

Happy Earth Week, Winged Women!  This week is one of our favorite weeks because it brings much-needed attention to the environmental issues our planet is facing. Although we believe our precious earth should be top of mind all of the time, this week in particular a great time to understand...

What the Heck Are Hormones?

Are you not feeling like yourself lately? Hormones out of whack? Listen up, ladies—you are not alone. A hormonal imbalance can powerfully impact your body.

Ashwagandha Benefits for Women

We always feel the never-ending overload of stressors. Ashwagandha (we like to call it the mood root) supports the body’s ability to manage and resist stress. 

4 Simple Stretches to Relieve Stress

Get out of your chair and stretch your arms to the sky. This might feel like a silly exercise you were forced to do in middle school, but it feels good, right?

Learn About Your Circadian Rhythm

Every living organism has a circadian rhythm - from your cat, Fluffy, to that house plant you’ve been trying to keep alive. If you’ve read any article or blog post to do with sleep you’ve definitely heard the term “circadian rhythm”, but do you know what it means? Keep reading...

How We’re Becoming More Sex Positive in 2021 

The horizontal tango. Gettin’ it on. Hanky panky. A little bump and grind. Whatever you call it… Let’s not tiptoe around the subject.