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Our Quality Promise

Ingredient Obsessed

Delivering pure and efficacious ingredients for our formulas is somewhat of an obsession for us. We know there isn’t anything more important for being able to offer you the best products every single time.  

When we chose an ingredients, we go through multi-pronged process where we evaluate in which each ingredient is tested before it goes into the product and then again in the finished formula. We visit the farms that are growing our ingredients whenever possible, and meet with the farmers. We source USDA organic for many of our ingredients, including our hemp. We use concentrated extracts versus bulk powders for better potency and purity. Most importantly, all ingredients are natural & clean: you will never see a synthetic or artificial additive in anything we do.

Thoughtful & Targeted Formulations  

For every product we create we keep one thing at the forefront of our minds –  the women in our lives and what kind of solutions would they value most. Our products are designed for a woman’s body and mind, because our physiology is different than a man’s and we face different challenges. We need products that are formulated for us at their core. That mission – to make the world’s best female-specific products – drives us in every aspect of product development. 

We believe in holistic nutrition to address multiple systems within the body, an idea born from a branch of natural health called Functional Medicine that identifies the root causes of a physical or emotional wellness challenge. We deep dive into each potential cause and look we look at the body as a whole, interconnected system and formulate with this in mind.

 Frankly, this process isn’t easy and it’s certainly not fast, but the best things in life rarely are. Our goal isn’t to have hundreds of products available with a single popular ingredient that’s trending on social media - we’re committed to looking at your body from a 360° view to make sure every product we make is the best, most effective formula possible. Why do we do this? Because you deserve it, we all deserve it.

If there is a product you think would benefit you, and you don’t see it in the Winged line up, please email our founder We would love to have your input as we continue to think about future formulations.

Testing Every Ingredient, Every Time

All products are tested multiple times from seed-to-shelf by an independent 3rd party lab to assure quality, potency and purity. Our products are guaranteed to be free of heavy metals, pesticides and harmful microbes. To view your products test results go to our Lab Results page and enter in your batch. All our products are made in cGMP compliant and NSF certified facilities.

We test every finished product, every time for:

• Potency + purity (meeting all label claims)
• Microbial contamination
• Heavy Metals
• Pesticides

Photo from our Botanical testing facility, Alchemist Labs.