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Mind & Body

Posts tagged: Mind & Body

How We’re Becoming More Sex Positive in 2021 

The horizontal tango. Gettin’ it on. Hanky panky. A little bump and grind. Whatever you call it… Let’s not tiptoe around the subject.

Manifesting Self-Love This Valentine's Day

Let’s have a twist to this coming Hallmark holiday and use it to build deeper connections, expand our horizons and shift our perspectives.

Relaxing Nighttime Rituals

Sometimes, our stressful and busy lives can keep us up at night with a racing mind. Winged’s CBD Sleepy Gummies are a way to wind down and catch those Zzz’s!

2021: Welcome to your ascension.

While we had a drowning, yet enlightening year, we’ve had a bit of a chance to think about what we went through and how we overcame everything.

5 Natural Sleep Supplements For Women

We all know we need sleep, but you may not know that sleep plays a huge role in balancing our lives. Sleep schedules differ between women and can even vary over time, which is often not discussed. What do you do if you are having sleep issues, and are the...

How Does Stress Affect Your PMS

There’s nothing worse than the perfect storm of stress and anxiety. A horrible mix that leaves a pit in your stomach and on the verge of a meltdown any second.

Winged Holiday Gift Guide & Giveaway

It’s so important to shop small and support entrepreneurs across all industries. We created this guide to some of our fave independent products to gift this year!

Does CBD Help Improve Sleep?

Are you finding yourself tossing and turning throughout the night? You’re not alone, and these difficult times have not made getting a full night’s rest easy.

How CBD Can Help Support Mental Health

The highs and lows associated with these past months have taken a toll on our well-being and mental state. What is the relationship between CBD and anxiety?