2021: Welcome to your ascension.

While we had a drowning, yet enlightening year, we’ve had a bit of a chance to think about what we went through and how we overcame everything that offered chaos, instability and worry.

How much more capable are you? Look at what you’ve proven. Look at what you’ve accomplished.

I am so honored to be within a space that promotes love and kindness.

We are collectively united, and this past year enhanced and highlighted the importance of community. The importance of difference and change, the importance of adapting and adjusting. We are all relevant and bring a different energy to a space in need, unknowingly.

People are power, women are power, and we can prosper and heal through anything.

Here’s the thing, with this new year and new resolutions, marketing and dieting fads are going to come at you. Your weight will become an issue, you’ll be at war with your body, you’ll be at war with your everyday choices, to determine if it’s the right one.

Insecurities will rise, and other things that didn’t matter, will come up or return.

For many years, I dove into those mistakes, wrong turns, trauma, and it would eat away my security and self-trust. I allowed them to consume me throughout the years, but with the new year, it would momentarily steer me away from the thoughts and kept me ashore with my emotions and feelings.

If the feelings are there, the reason beind those feelings will be too, creating cycles of defeat and surface.

I would like to pave a way on recreating our current and future new year’s by offering tools and support about how as individuals, we can be our best consistently and spend our days with joy, pleasure and compassion. Save this, share with others and refer back to this when you’re in need of some encouragement.

The top 5 things I’ve learned about my short, but eventful life has been nothing but a list that required stillness and a bit more attention to me.

1. Life is not a race.

Our time on Earth is not given to be competitive, envious, or comparative to others. It’s about achieving our greatest and being kind to ourselves. Our position in life doesn’t mean anything about who we are, other than we are exactly where we need to be. We are enough, just as we lay and sit. Remind yourself to slow down.

2. Stillness is key. (Thank you Ryan Holiday)

Being present isn’t about walking slow or standing still, it’s about being grounded, centered and in the moment. Waiting, without reacting and listening instead of talking. Being still is a moment of clarity where we are able to face who we are. What a powerful opportunity to join both our mind and body.

3. To each their own.

This one is difficult to wrap our heads around this one, because I know there is evil, injustice and crime, but coming to terms with the choices and decisions of others, does not equal validation, approval or acceptance. It’s understanding that everyone is on their own respective paths that will lead them to their destiny. Show kindness, anyway, but take no sh*t.

4. We’re not supposed to be at war with our body.

Our bodies are the vessels to our freedom. Our bodies are the engines that keep us moving and alive. Wow, what an amazing gift, the gift of life and opportunity. Our bodies signify everything and more, but it doesn’t prove our worth, value, intelligence and capability. Our bodies are unique, and created for our purpose, not the replication or duplication of others. Our bodies change, just as fast as we do and that’s the beautiful divine.

5. Boundaries are important.

We’re allowed to say no. Were allowed to change or cancel plans if that’s what we need to do for ourselves to get better. We can and should be selfish when anything disrupts our energy or tries to change who we are. We can keep private, we can be open, we can be reserved, we can be outgoing. We can be whoever we want, as long as we always speak our truth and follow what feels right. It’s self-love. You're allowed to mute, to walk away, to detach from anything that doesn’t align with who you are.

Aim for consistency, not for the best because you’ll have that soon.

Xo, Kass