Manifesting Self-Love This Valentine's Day

Holidays have been looking a lot different, and they most likely will continue to be unfamiliar for some time. Let’s have a twist to this coming Hallmark holiday use it to build deeper connections, expand our horizons and shift our perspectives.

Winged promotes the importance of self-love, body positivity and acceptance. We find that once we make room for appreciating who we are, and affirming our worth, we can in turn create a greater connection with ourselves and others. It’s a win, win. You’re a better person to yourself, and even a better friend to others.

This holiday, we should shake things up. We should take this day to admire who WE are, as a partner, as a coworker, as a friend, as a human being and in turn reflect that onto our partners and friends.

We were born to love, and love for ourselves, not just others, is fundamental. We often lose sight of learning and growing the person we are, because we strive so hard to find someone else to complete us. We have hopes of finding ourselves through them.

I think we should spend this Valentine's Day deeply finding the love in ourselves and the love we give to others.

Ask yourself these rounds of questions for a minute:
  • How are we showing up to others?
  • Are we the best version of self-love we can be?
  • Is the love we give genuine, authentic and whole heartedly?
  • Are there any pretenses to our decisions of care and kindness?
  • How can we love deeper with our partner?
  • What do we need from others in order to exude the best love?
  • In what ways are we being a good lover?
  • What is our favorite way to show compassion and concern?
  • How do we show ourselves love?
You are worthy of great love and connection and sustainable relationships in every aspect, and not only for one day. You should be ritually and consistently working on finding the love for yourself first, before others.

Be patient, take your time. Our journey to self-love and admiration is constant, it never halts and may take you years to endeavor and that’s okay. Our life of love is slowly deepening and stripping ourselves of what works and doesn’t.

We are students of love as we mature, and we are teachers to the younger eyes.

Remember to find what brings you joy, what makes your heart full and allows you to walk with compassion and grace. Find your fuel to what feeds your emotional, mental and physical love.

Do life, for you. Once we’ve obtained genuine love for ourselves, with each passing person, with each passing moment, we will offer great love to others.

We are always planting our seeds to life’s incredible offerings. What seed do you contain? What does it look like and how does it allow others to bloom?

Find the love for yourself and then you will have the love you need beside you, everywhere and anything, without ever having anything tangible. Why? Because you will radiate enough love to never need anything to give that to you.

You can have it all, with an expanded heart, stillness and the depth you were born with. Don’t change, just expand, grow and learn to love your love.