What's The Deal With Maca Root?

If you frequent your local health food store or constantly find yourself in the supplement aisle of the grocery store, you know how many different supplements and vitamins there are. With overflowing shelves stocked with everything from Ashwagandha to Zinc, it’s hard to know what all of them do and which ones you should focus on!

Unfortunately, we can’t give a comprehensive list of every vitamin out there (although that’s not a bad idea). However, we can point you to some of our favorite supplements and ingredients to try and set you up for success! We’ve already touched on a couple of supplements, like L-Theanine, Schisandra, and Collagen, so get ready for the next fantastic supplement:

Maca Root!

Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of maca root before; we’re here to demystify it from top to bottom! Even if you’re already entirely aboard the “maca-train,” you can still tag along on our journey through this unique root. 

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What Is Maca Root?

Like most supplements and herbs, maca root has an origin in the natural world. Known to the scientific community as Lepidium meyenii, maca root is native to the Andes mountains of Peru, where it has been cultivated for over 3000 years. Though maca is the most common term for this veggie, it is also known as Peruvian Ginseng, as many people see similarities between the two. 

Over the course of its history, maca root has been used as both a food and medicine and depending on how it’s used; it could have some fascinating health benefits! It is quite the superfood in the culinary world, providing carbs, protein, and fiber while also supplying vitamins and minerals like Vitamin B and Iron. 

Maca root is also considered an adaptogen, which is a class of non-toxic herbs that help your body adjust to different types of stress. Adaptogens help you adapt to new changes in your body and help to return your body to homeostasis and normality. Maca root, like some of our other favorite adaptogens, can help your body through a few different types of stress! 

Maca Root Benefits

Like many herbs and supplements, we’re still learning the full scope of maca root’s capabilities. Traditionally, maca root has been used for three primary reasons; Energy, sexual performance, and hormone levels. While both men and women can benefit from maca root in one way or another, maca root is most commonly considered a female-specific supplement! This classification is strengthened by the fact that maca root benefits for women are much more impactful than for men.

Recharge Your Batteries: Energy

Like we mentioned before, maca root often gets compared to ginseng, due to its prowess as an energy-giving supplement. Evidence-based studies have shown maca root to be effective in raising people’s energy levels and helping to relieve some feelings of stress.

As a natural supplement, maca root in your diet could potentially keep you up and active during the day. 

Slip Under The Covers: Sex Drive

As far as benefits go, maca root is most well-known for its connection to sex, both for men and women. Research on maca root has shown that it improves sexual desire for both males and females, and it can help men with a number of male sexual dysfunctions! This area of maca root has gotten the most attention recently and has substantial scientific support. 

Similarly, maca root acts to help regulate sexual dysfunction in women by increasing sexual desire and altering hormone levels. According to a study in 2010, maca root can be linked to boosting the libido of adult men and women, while a separate study in 2009 showed great promise in overcoming erectile dysfunction. 

Hormone Helpers - Hormone Regulation 

The final significant use of maca root is also gender-specific! Maca root for women, particularly postmenopausal women, has been shown to alleviate specific hormonal imbalances in the body. A 2006 study conducted on early postmenopausal women showed that maca root supplements helped reduce hot flashes and other side effects of menopause by balancing hormone levels in the body. 

The other uses of maca also benefit women dealing with the effects of menopause, as a loss of libido and decreased energy are two common symptoms! However, exercise caution with maca root when other hormone-sensitive conditions may be present. Some forms of breast and uterine cancer could potentially react poorly with maca root, as it has the potential to act like estrogen. Just be sure to check in with a medical professional if you have any questions about taking maca root as a supplement. 

A Tin of CBD chocolates

Balance Your Body

At Winged, adaptogens are some of our favorite ingredients, and maca root definitely makes the list! 

In our Relaxation CBD Chocolates, maca root works with hibiscus and CBD to nourish your body and ease the day-to-day stress of life. These little bites are some of our best-sellers, and once you try them, you may never doubt the power of supplements again! 

We also feature maca root in our Happy Start powder, designed to give you a boost in the morning! Add this powder to your favorite morning drink (coffee, tea, smoothies, etc.) and see how the beginning of your day starts to improve! 

The next time you feel stressed, tired, or want a slight boost in the bedroom, give maca root powder a shot!