Skin's New Hero: Schisandra

You can find the stress-fighting adaptogen Schisandra on the label of many new supplements, but what does this have anything to do with your skin? 

A big load of stress can mean bad news for your skin, making Schisandra attractive for the inevitable overwhelming hiccups and bumps we encounter every day. Schisandra is a savior when it comes to the not-so-fun encounters with stress and skin problems. 

Don’t let stress, stress you or your skin out. Keep reading for all you need to know about Schisandra! 

What Is Schisandra? 

Schisandra is a berry from vines that grow native in China and Russia. Its fruit extract has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat many issues in both the liver and stomach, as well as used in a tonic to improve vitality. It was also found in formulas to support sleep and aid fatigue. 

Its Chinese name wu wei zi means “five-flavor berry” as its taste contains a variety of components: bitter, sweet, sour, salty, and hot. Many brew the berries to create a Schisandra berry tea. It’s like a party in your mouth!

Adaptogenic Herbs

Schisandra is considered an “adaptogen”. Adaptogens are non-toxic plants and herbs that help your body ward off all types of stress: physical, chemical, to biological. Herbs, like Schisandra, have been used for centuries in Chinese and Ayurvedic healing medicine, influencing their prominence today. 

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Adaptogens help your body adapt. They have a balancing effect on the body’s organ systems, promoting a sense of homeostasis by giving you what you need. Whether an organ or system within the body are overactive or underactive, adaptogens have an amazing ability to guide your body back to balance and equilibrium.  

When you take adaptogens, it trains your body to handle emotional and physical stressors. The herbs interact with aspects of your body’s stress response. 

The fight-or-flight response is basically your stress response to a perceived threat or danger. The physical changes that occur during this stress response can cause wear and tear within your body if you feel exposed to a constant amount of stress. In the light of stress, adaptogens help your body function as normal. 

Even if you aren’t an herbal dietary supplement expert, you are probably familiar with some adaptogens. The adaptogen list is pretty extensive. Here are some of our favorite adaptogens:

  • Schisandra
  • Ashwagandha
  • Maca Root
  • Reishi Mushroom
  • Eleuthero
  • Shatavari
  • Ginseng
  • Licorice

  • Each adaptogen has a slightly different function, so the best adaptogen for you is going to depend on your needs. From immune to energy-boosting, do your research on what adaptogen can most benefit you. Once you choose, you can create adaptogenic tea or add a couple of drops of a tincture to your water! 

    If you feel the need to chill out, Schisandra is a great place to start. Many use Schisandra for stress relief and super skincare.

    Schisandra is packed with antioxidants promoting skin wellness. Plus, its stress-fighting properties can also do wonders for your skin!

    Stress & Skin

    It seems like at the end of every stressful day suddenly a pimple pops up out of nowhere. No, this isn’t just bad luck or all in your head. Stress can upset your skin in multiple ways.  


    One main way is through causing inflammation, freaking out your skin. Inflammation is your body’s response to a perceived threat. This is great when you need to defend against bad invaders, but at times your body can overreact to harmless threats, like stress. Stress can make whatever skin-related issues you are susceptible to even worse.

    Collagen Breakdown

    Stress can also take a toll on your collagen production. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, holding our bodies together! So, what does collagen have to do with skin? Collagen is the magic behind plump and supple skin. The excess of the stress hormone cortisol can break down collagen, leading to premature signs of aging, causing fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging. Controlling cortisol is important to minimize collagen breakdown. 

    Skip Your Routine

    How you act when you are stressed can also be a factor in your skin and overall wellness. When we are stressed we usually skip our usual healthy routine, sometimes there simply doesn’t feel like there is enough time in the day. This switch in your usual routine can build on triggering some skin problems.

    We can never control the amount of stress we encounter, but we can control how we handle and manage stress. De-stressing techniques and prevention help you feel a lot more in control! Learn a little bit about stress and how to reduce it so you can tackle the feeling of helplessness. We’ll give you some of the basics when it comes to unwinding:

    • Work Out to work it out
    • Try to get enough sleep
    • Set your Boundaries, your time is precious
    • Be mindful of your diet and try incorporating stress-fighting adaptogens

    Sounds so good you may already be brewing a Schisandra tea instead of your regular mint or green tea. Schisandra doesn’t just have to come during tea time. You find Schisandra berry in supplement powders to add to your smoothies or shakes.  

    Radiant Inside & Out

    A key ingredient in our youth-boosting powder, Glow Up? Schisandra. 

    A bottle of "Glow Up" supplements

    Glow Up uses Schisandra to help your body deal with stress that can break down the skin from the inside out. We source highly soluble Grass-Fed Collagen peptides and Vitamin C promoting supple, soft skin even further. 

    Winged Wellness products were designed to put the power in your hands. Don’t fall under the pressure of stress – you’ve got this!