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Hemp 101

How Hemp Is Making The Planet More Sustainable

Hemp is nutritious for our planet’s soil, more than 2x more recyclable than paper, and packs some profound health benefits as well!

CBD’s Unique Benefits for Women

Today, women are breaking glass-ceilings more than ever -- soaring high to reach their dreams. From female entrepreneurs and leaders to stay-at-home mothers, women everywhere are defining themselves on their own terms! Behind this lies a ton of hard work and juggling fueled by inner passion.With jam-packed schedules and all...

How Does CBD Impact your Immune System?

Now more than ever, boosting our immune systems is crucial. Bring on the OJ and Vitamin C and we’ll tell you about the benefits of CBD on your immune system.

Why Does CBD Oil Sometimes Turn Pink?

If you’ve noticed that the hue of your CBD tinctures have shifted from clear to a rosy pink, fear not!

CBD Gummies To Help You Sleep

Are You Tired?  We all hate those mornings where we hit the snooze five times, force ourselves out of bed, and feel groggy for an hour...then midday slump hits and all we want to do is take a nap. Days like these are a symptom of poor sleep quality. As...

Can CBD Make Me Fail a Drug Test?

You may be ready to jump on the CBD bandwagon but frightened by the possibility of failing a drug test. Don’t panic! You have options when it comes to using CBD.

Why Is CBD Third-Party Testing So Important?

Reputable CBD and hemp companies use unbiased, third-party lab testing to prove that their products contain what the label says.

Here's How It Actually Felt to Take CBD Daily

Taking it easy can actually be pretty hard. So I try to stay up on my wellness game—exercise regularly, put spinach in my smoothies, and use CBD regularly.

Seven Facts Everyone Should Know About CBD

You may know CBD as the ingredient that is taking over the wellness world, but how much do you know about where it comes from and how it works?