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Hemp 101

Posts tagged: Hemp 101

How Do Cannabinoids Interact With Your Body

As more cannabis-related products appear on the market, people are learning more about cannabis itself. At the center of this conversation; cannabinoids!

Why Hemp Is The Plant of The Future

Few people realize the potential of hemp and all of its incredible uses! We’re here to update you on hemp and why you’ll hear about this plant for years to come.

What Exactly Are Cannabinoids?

“Cannabinoid” might seem like a hefty new word for your vocabulary, but you've likely already encountered them. Keep reading for a true introduction to cannabinoids!

Are Hemp Oil & CBD Oil The Same?

From makeup to skincare, cannabis-inspired products have been flooding the shelves of stores. Knowing the difference between CBD and Hemp oil is key!

The Best For Rest: CBD, Melatonin & Valerian 

TLDR: Melatonin, CBD, and Valerian are definitely your friends once nighttime rolls around. Winged’s Sleepy CBD Gummies combine these ingredients seamlessly, drifting you into a brag-worthy sleep!  Cranky, grumpy, and irritable is precisely how we feel after getting zero sleep. We’ve all been there - you wouldn’t be human if...

What Is The Difference Between CBD & THC?

THC will get you high. CBD will let you feel everything but the high. Know the difference between CBD & THC before buying any cannabis product.

How Hemp Is Making The Planet More Sustainable

Hemp is nutritious for our planet’s soil, more than 2x more recyclable than paper, and packs some profound health benefits as well!

CBD’s Unique Benefits for Women

Today, women are breaking glass-ceilings more than ever -- soaring high to reach their dreams. From female entrepreneurs and leaders to stay-at-home mothers, women everywhere are defining themselves on their own terms! Behind this lies a ton of hard work and juggling fueled by inner passion.With jam-packed schedules and all...

How Does CBD Impact your Immune System?

Now more than ever, boosting our immune systems is crucial. Bring on the OJ and Vitamin C and we’ll tell you about the benefits of CBD on your immune system.