Meet Winged Woman: Whitney Eckis of Eckis Marketing

Meet Winged Woman, Whitney Eckis, a female entrepreneur, creative, marketing expert, and founder of Eckis Marketing.

Please introduce yourself?

My name is Whitney Eckis and I am 26 years old. I am a native to San Diego, CA and I own my own Marketing Agency in downtown called Eckis Marketing.

Being a business owner of not one, but two brands, how do you manage daily stress and stay organized?

Running a marketing agency definitely is a rollercoaster. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t love walking into my office and doing what I do but there are times where it is incredibly stressful. Ultimately, I think managing stress comes down to identifying a couple of things.

The first being gratitude... What are you grateful for? What things in your life do you feel blessed with? And is this stressful thought taking away from the beauty within your own life?

The second way I identify and relieve stress is by observing my surroundings. Is this where I want to be in my life? Am I happy with what I am doing? Is this worth me getting stressed over?

And the third identifier and way I deal with stress is to try to adjust or reverse my mindset. My best friend taught me this trick and I love it. First, she asks me what exactly I am stressed out about and then she asks me two questions.

What’s the worst outcome? ​And ​What’s the best outcome of the situation I am stressed over? I​ tell her both answers then she proceeds to tell me that there’s a likelihood that both of those outcomes can happen or come true, but the probability of the stressful situation falling somewhere in between the best and worst outcome is most likely. This helps to change my mindset. Because now I have put outcomes to my situation and eliminated the unknown.

Most the time, I have realized, stress comes from the unknown or uncertainty. My dad calls it “putting the cart before the horse.” In business, I think we do it quite frequently... There’s a lot of unknowns or risks when operating your own business and it can create space for stress in your mindset. I try my best to walk myself through these 3 identifiers to help manage my stress and mindset to help keep me focused and content.

What were some of the biggest challenges you faced when launching Eckis Marketing?

Fear. Fear messes up everything. Especially, when you are worried about making money or what people will think of you! I have had to learn how to put my blinders on and listen to my gut. 

What are some common misconceptions that come along with being an influencer?

That you always get paid... I personally don’t love this because it affects the way my audience views the products I talk about. I don’t have the largest following but I do get the question and comment of being paid for the products I endorse. It’s actually quite the opposite. Since my full-time career is my marketing agency, I usually always do trade campaigns. I am not looking to make money off being an influencer, I am looking to inspire my community and engage with those that I follow!

What makes you a Winged Woman?

Being a Winged Woman in my mind means being fearless! When I think of Winged CBD I think of bad ass powerhouse women than are driven. Most of the those qualities come from exercising fearless-ness. Whether that’s as a business owner, mother, or just being yourself - I think being a Winged Woman means being fearless!

Lastly, what's one thing you would say to your younger self if you could?

Calm Down. Enjoy the ride and know that everything is going to work out!
Thank you so much, Whitney Eckis, for sharing what makes you a Winged Woman and how you've become a successful female business owner in the marketing space.

To learn more about Whitney, follow her on Instagram at @whit_stagram or to learn more about her business head to Eckis Marketing.