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Winged Women

Posts tagged: winged women

Winged Woman - Christyann Parisi

I think what makes me a Winged Woman is that I finally have learned that selfcare is never selfish. It’s ok to take breaks and recharge. It’s ok to say no and not to overcommit yourself.

Winged Woman - Nurse Nayanka Duplan, BSN, RN

Nayanka Duplan is a BSN,RN. She takes care of acute, critically and chronically ill patients in the hospital setting, recently with a focus on COVID patients.

Why We Design Our Products Just For Women

Winged is exclusively the first line of CBD products formulated for women, founded to help women be the best version of themselves.

Meet Winged Woman: Kalee Garland

Winged Woman, Kalee Garland, shares her inspiring story and why she was drawn to the Winged Wellness community.

Meet Winged Woman: Danniel Swatosh, Humble Bloom

We sat down with the co-founder of Humble Bloom, a company that uses cannabis as a conduit for larger conversation.

Meet Winged Woman: Whitney Shook, NTP

This week we had the pleasure of interviewing Winged Woman, Whitney Shook, NTP of Rooted In Healing.

Meet Winged Woman: Lin Chen of Pink Moon

We had the pleasure of interview Winged Woman, Lin Chen, founder of the retail, wellcare + community oasis, Pink Moon.

Winged Woman: Kate Arquilla, NICU RN + Baby Expert

This week we had the pleasure of interview Winged Woman, Kate Arquilla, NICU RN, baby expert and creator of

Meet Winged Woman: Olympic Gold Medalist Amanda Pelkey

We had the pleasure of interview Winged Woman, Amanda Pelkey, an Olympic Gold Medalist in women's ice hockey and a two time world champion!