Meet Winged Woman: Safiya Bouhouch of I Am Well Community

Meet Winged Woman, Safiya Bouhouch, founder of I Am Well Community.

Please start off by introducing yourself.

I'm Safiya Bouhouch, the founder of I Am Well Community. I'm a matcha lover, certified yoga and meditation instructor, wellness speaker and mentor, and world traveler obsessed with all things health and well-being. Whether it's learning about the science behind meditation and figuring out sustainable travel hacks, or studying the science of Ayurveda, I'm passionate about bring tangible wellness tools and tips to the world.

I believe that healing happens in community, and I thrive when I am creating intentional and inspiring experiences for women connect back to their intuitive power and learn about holistic healing. Through my own journey of navigating health issues and anxiety at a young age, I've been inspired to bring these tools to other women so that we can all thrive. I founded I Am Well to equip women with holistic wellness tools through community events, retreats, and mentorship programs.

What has been the biggest benefit or impact you have seen in your life/ career that has come through the practice of yoga and meditation?

The biggest benefit has been having less stress, more clarity, and more peace of mind. When I was in my previous career of TV production I found myself dealing with crippling anxiety and panic attacks at work from not being able to handle the stress. Now when I deal with challenging situations I can step back, breathe, reassess, and move calmly. I've also found that the more time I spend practicing yoga and meditation and tuning into the voice of intuition within, the better I'm able to support others and show up at my best.

What is one piece of advice you would give someone looking to get into a mindful practice of yoga and meditation? 

The one piece of advice I would give is that consistency is key. When I first started meditating I thought I sucked at it because I couldn't stop my racing thoughts. After some time I started to find that I would experience epiphanies and moments of stillness and silence just by observing my thoughts, but just because I have thoughts or distractions while meditating or doing yoga doesn't mean I'm doing something wrong, that's why they call it a practice!

While building a career in wellness, have you found it hard to make the same kind of time for your own self care? How have you overcome this?

Yes it's been one of my greatest personal challenges to not burn myself out in the process of supporting and teaching others. I've found building in routines and habits that nourish me like journaling, meditation, fresh air, and sleep keep me centered even when I don't have time to attend a yoga class or cook my meals for the week. I also remind myself that if I'm not taking proper care of myself, I won't be able to show up fully for others, so prioritizing self-care is paramount.

What makes you a Winged Woman? 

I feel that being a Winged Woman is about adopting the attitude of perseverance and making time to take care of yourself while still accomplishing your goals. While hustle culture says we should work 24/7 and base our self-worth on our productivity, I believe that we make the most impact when we prioritize our well-being instead of burning ourselves out. Winged supports me in staying calm and centered, and supports me in getting a good night of sleep which to me is a form of self-care.

Lastly, what's one thing you would say to your younger self if you could?

I would tell her to spend more time working on keeping a positive mindset instead of spending time worrying on how things will work out. We can spend so much energy trying to manage what the worst-case-scenarios in our head are, which keeps us feeling anxious. Remembering to breathe, and telling myself that everything will be okay keeps me going when times feel tough. Mindset has been the ultimate tool for achieving and breaking outside my comfort zone to achieve my dreams despite obstacles.

Thank you so much, Safiya, for sharing what makes you a Winged Woman and how you've become an inspiring entrepreneur. To learn more about Safiya, follow her on Instagram at @iamwellbysafiya or check out her podcast, Mindful Mornings with Safiya.