Meet Winged Woman: Ashley Howard of Grit & Gratitude

Please meet Ashley Howard, an amazing entrepreneur, LA Based Pilates & Yoga Teacher, and kick ass Winged Woman. Learn how she overcame her daily stressors of being a business woman, and how she practices gratitude daily.

What was the hardest thing you had to overcome on your journey to becoming a pilates / yoga instructor?

The hardest thing I've had to overcome has been my own internal dialog and old perfectionistic/performing ways. I wasted so much energy trying to mold myself into what I thought others wanted me to be rather than owning who I really am. Now my message is PRESENCE over perfection and to show up fully being me.

How do you practice gratitude? What tips would you give someone who never has?

Gratitude is a daily practice for me and I try to infuse every conscious breath with a deep sense of thankfulness. I start by becoming present to my breath then the smaller blessing within me like my heart beating, my lungs expanding and the mental and physical health that I have the privilege of experiencing daily. I shift that gratitude to all of the love within and around me supporting and guiding me. It's these moments of presence, of true feeling that remind me what a gift it is to be just shifts everything through a lens of love and gratitude.

As far as a tip, I would say to take mini time-outs, to place your hands over heart, close your eyes and notice what you feel. Notice what your heart is thankful for and breath it all in.

What makes you a Winged Woman?

I'm a winged woman because I'm choosing to live my life full out, with my heart open while I chase down my dreams. I'm a wife, mother, entrepreneur and gratitude pusher who believes that I deserve to be happy, strong, healthy and successful. Winged allows me to feel more balanced, more grounded and less anxious as I play all of the various roles within my beautiful life. Something as simple as taking CBD and meditating fills up my heart so that I have more to offer and give to others.

What's one thing you would say to your younger self if you could?

I would tell my younger self to trust your voice and to trust the process. You are here for a very specific reason and you don't have the time to doubt your gifts. Trust that when things fall apart its so that better things can come about.

Thank you, Ashley Howard, for your inspiring words! Follow Ashley for more on gratitude, yoga & pilates, and updates on her boutique fitness studio called Grit & Gratitude!