Winged Woman - Christyann Parisi

Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about why you started blogging about home styling + DIY.

I’m Christy, a single mom, special ed teacher, blogger and part time singer in an emo pop/punk band (*just over here doing a little bit of everything ha!). I started out as a Pampered Chef consultant and used Instagram to reach my clients and share recipes. After I separated from my ex, I moved from a giant four-bedroom colonial to a very modest two-bedroom first floor condo. I was determined to make this chapter of our lives as comfy and peaceful as possible. I started sharing all the little ways I was doing just that: painting our kitchen floor, wallpapering, unscrewing the doors off cabinets to give the aesthetic of open shelving. I had no idea what I was doing, but I learned my way through each DIY and met amazing people on this social media platform while I was at it. I feel so very blessed to have this comfy, welcoming little corner of Instagram that I call @our.comfy.abode


What inspires or helps you be your authentic self and being unapologetically you, even during times you feel otherwise?

Lessons learned. I have experienced the emotional exhaustion that is pretending to be something other than yourself. May it have been hiding my struggles with my mental health at the time, pretending to be someone I wasn’t just for a relationship, or people pleasing to the point of losing my self-worth, the emotional toll was beyond draining. I learned that it is none of my business what other people think of me. I learned that I need to surround myself with people and things that are meant for me in order for me to be the best version of myself for my son. No regrets. No “what if’s”.


What is your favorite part about sharing inspo, encouragement and empowering the women of your community?

It has been a blessing to be able to connect with other women who have gone through the same thing as you. Single moms. Women starting over. Women trying to get their careers off the ground. To be able to share experiences, advice, and inspiration and allowing each other to not feel alone has to be one of my absolute favorite things about this whole thing. The number of women support women is incredible.


What’s your most important reason for having a safe, comfortable home for you and your little family?

Peace. I remember not consistently feeling at peace when I was growing up. I remember thinking, “whatever this is.... I want the opposite of it when I have my own home.” It’s important for your home to be your safe haven. A place where you can decompress from the demands and ups and downs that is everyday life. I always want my son to feel safe at home. I want him to grow up knowing stability and consistency.


How do you self-care and come back home to yourself when you have a moment of struggle or hardship?

I like to incorporate the five senses where ever possible, especially in moments of hardship. Inviting smells of cardamom, thieves, Frankincense, the crackle of a vintage vinyl record playing in the background or a meal made together with the ones I love help me calm my mind when I need it most.


What are some tips on nesting for first time mamas? How did you prepare your home for your newborn?

 Less is more. I wish I would have followed that advice. The amount of unnecessary crap I bought that sat there unused and taking up space just caused for more chaos. I’ve tried to really take on the minimalist way of living and find that it not only helps me maintain my home, but it also helps make me feel less stressed when there isn’t as much clutter around. Totally buy that tummy time mat, or the complete series of the magic treehouse books, but you could probably pass on the wipes warmer!


Lastly, what makes you a Winged Woman?

I think what makes me a Winged Woman is that I finally have learned that selfcare is never selfish. It’s ok to take breaks and recharge. It’s ok to say no and not to overcommit yourself. I’ve found that setting boundaries and leaving time for myself whenever possible allows me to be the best version of myself for not only me, but my friends, family, and little boy.