Winged Woman - Amy

Hi Amy. Please introduce yourself.

Hi, I’m Amy. I’m a 7 year Breast Cancer survivor and I run a non profit, called, supporting those who have or had BC emotionally and practically. 


When did you start Resilient Together and what is your mission? 

Resilient Together started about 2 years ago. Our mission is two fold. One part is to lighten the load for those with BC - we offer practical services taking care of daily needs so the person with BC can put all their energy into healing. The other part is to hold your hand through every step emotionally. We are here to listen. We are here to support. We are here to keep you company. 


What is your favorite part about sharing inspo, encouragement and empowering the women of your community?

After my diagnosis, I leaned on friends who were survivors for their experience and understanding. Then, as I healed, I had more and more friends, family and friends of family or friends come to me for my experience and understanding. It became so clear that although absolutely no one wants to have BC, getting it isn’t a choice - so once we’ve had it, the best thing to do is to hold up those who come after. Eventually, I decided to extend my reach and involvement and make sure no one goes on this journey alone.


What was the driving force that made you realize you wanted to help other breast cancer fighters and their families through such a monumental time?

Peace. I remember not consistently feeling at peace when I was growing up. I remember thinking, “whatever this is.... I want the opposite of it when I have my own home.” It’s important for your home to be your safe haven. A place where you can decompress from the demands and ups and downs that is everyday life. I always want my son to feel safe at home. I want him to grow up knowing stability and consistency.


What types of support do you give fellow fighters? What does your community look like? Do you offer a Facebook group? 

Emotional support is so important. We’re here to listen, comfort, accompany anyone, any time. It’s also so important to relieve everyday stressors in order to put all energy towards healing. So we’ll do whatever you need. Meals, errands, laundry, etc.
Our Facebook page is Resilient Together. Our Instagram handle is Our website is


Is there one woman who has inspired you in your life?

I am inspired by the energy, light, intelligence, love and joy for life of two beloved women, beautiful beyond words inside and out, who were cruelly taken from us by BC. Cindy Lobel and Helen Booth.


Lastly, what makes you a Winged Woman?

To me, winged means feeling light. I feel lighter each time I share strength with another person with BC because I believe I’m lightening their burden. 


Thank you, amazing Amy!