Tips for Managing Stress This Mother's Day

These past few months have been difficult, frightening and an overwhelming amount of emotion and stress, especially for mothers. Not only do they have the responsibility of conserving their energy and prioritizing their mental health, they have to maintain the health and safety of their children during this time too.

We want to celebrate all of our Winged mothers. We want to thank you for your incredible devotion to provide a warm and loving relationship to your children and those surrounding you. You are kind, caring and impactful, by putting yourself secondary to guarantee the success and well being of your children. We acknowledge your support, hard work and want to bring awareness of how difficult it may have been these past couple months, but you continue to prove just how dedicated you are.

We want you to acknowledge your small wins, difficult days, stressful nights and busy mornings. Here you are, still standing, remaining strong and inspiring other moms that they can do this too.

This Mother’s Day, take some time to rest, recharge and de-stress with some helpful hints from the Winged team.


Be gentle with yourself. 

Times like today create over thought, perfectionism, and negative self talk when we can’t meet our expectations. This is normal for everyone, but we need to reminded that we’re doing the best we can, with what we can do, especially mom’s. This Mother’s Day is more than thanking yourself for providing, but a reflection of the amazing work you’ve done. You continue to show up for yourself and others in ways you may have thought you couldn’t and that is something to validate and honor. Be kind to yourself, you are doing the best you can. Be proud of yourself, you have proven determination and care in a new way. Give yourself immense credit for doing what you do in a quick turn of events. We are proud of you.

Practice Self Love.

Being stuck inside, confined to our ‘work from home’ stations and not being able to interact with other family members or loved ones is difficult and unsettling. As humans, we enjoy interaction, we enjoy independence and the freedom of making choices and participating in activities that make us feel productive. For mothers, there is no difference in what you need and in fact, the need might be greater and you may have indulged in other areas of your life that you normally wouldn’t. Eating more, remaining stationary, body dysmorphia, and/or disorganization are all normal reactions to unexpected unfamiliarity. This doesn’t suggest you are failing and this doesn’t call for self-hate. Love your body, stand up frequently, move for a quick 30 minutes, eat intuitively and practice positive self talk. Love yourself above all.

Ask for help.

We often times associate asking for support with failure, incompetence and being incapable. This is completely false and stigmatized in today's society. For mothers especially, you want to do your best, protect and provide without relying on others, but being offered support or a lending hand, doesn’t take away your capability of taking on motherhood. You are a Winged Woman and your potential is never hindered through assistance. Doing the best you can and practicing self love is knowing you need help. You want the best for your family, for yourself and others and by acknowledging that you need support reveals your determination and drive to ensure the best possible outcome. That is not selfish, that is self love.


Reset, rest and rejuvenate.

This Mother’s Day, relax, unwind and de-stress. This day isn’t just about the support you provide for your children, but for yourself too. Throughout the past couple months, you’ve shown up for yourself, in order to be the best for others. Celebrate that. Take this day to be proud of everything you’ve done, with the limited resources and large restrictions that have been implemented during these times. Enjoy your favorite things, modify your old routine with what you can do, or simply do nothing. This is your day to reflect and digest the new way of life and honor how quickly and successfully you’ve adapted to the circumstances.

To our favorite Winged mothers, you are doing amazing.

With your constant resilience and drive towards doing your best, you deserve a deeper, meaningful and selfish time to reconnect.

Love yourself, even when you believe you shouldn’t. Be kind to yourself, even during the mistakes and unsuccessful times. Reinforce positivity through affirmations, activities and self talk. You are incredible and thank you for everything you do for everyone, but now it’s your turn to do everything you want to do, for you.

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