Sleepyhead vs Sleepy CBD Gummies - What's The Difference?


We just launched our new dynamic duo of gummies and they’re formulated better than ever. Sleepyhead and Rise Up are our newest pair of gummies that are created without CBD and contain additional ingredients that are of course, designed for a woman’s body. 

Winged is known for our incredible, best-selling Sleepy gummies that help women fall asleep faster and wake up ready, refreshed and fulfilled from a great night sleep.

So why launch another sleep support gummy, you might ask?

First, let’s start with the similarities between Sleepy and Sleepyhead gummies. Both include some similar ingredients like Melatonin, L-Theanine, GABA and 5-HTP, which help you fall asleep and improve sleep quality during the night. Combined together, these ingredients improve the depth of sleep, keeps you in REM sleep longer, and encourage Alpha brain waves during sleep (the brain waves that are most important during sleep). Whichever gummy you choose, you’ll be getting a great night’s rest with either of the products! 

What are the differences then?

Sleepy contains CBD and Evening Primrose Oil. CBD is an excellent ingredient for sleep support because it works by regulating and readjusting the sleep/wake cycle. Women who don’t go to bed at the same time every night – whether it’s from a late weekend movie, travel, or varying work schedule – can benefit from CBD in the Sleepy Gummy. Additionally, Sleepy gummies contain Evening Primrose Oil for additional hormonal health benefits. 

A venn diagram comparing Sleepy vs Sleepyhead gummies

We’ve also heard feedback that some of our beautiful Winged Women can’t take CBD for one reason or another, mostly due to cautions from employers such as government workers, military or police, teachers or doctors and nurses. 

Enter Sleepyhead, an alternative to our amazing Sleepy gummies that don’t contain CBD.

We decided to focus the formula a little differently than Sleepy gummies by adding in herbs and botanicals that calm the mind and ease anxiousness that can be a barrier to falling asleep. Women who have a racing mind, triggered by the stresses of the day, benefit from Passionflower, Jujube and Lemon Balm in Sleepyhead gummies to put the brakes on the brain and drift off to sleep peacefully. Sleepyhead also contains Chaste Tree Berry for hormonal health support at night. 

It’s up to you to decide which product best suits your needs – Sleepy or Sleepyhead – but we’re confident whichever one you choose you’ll be in dreamland in no time and wake up ready to tackle the day. We can’t wait to hear what you think! 

Xoxo – Team Winged