The Underlying Meaning Behind Social Distancing

It has been approximately one week since we’ve all been instructed to work from home and avoid public places occupying large crowds.

It has created an array of emotions, doubts and anxieties within every one of us, hoping for some form of clarity on the current pandemic to subside the fear.

But what if there was a shift in our perspective that could allow us to feel relieved, to feel motivated and clear minded? To ease our anxiety and uncertainty and replace it with satisfaction and appreciation?

Social distancing ourselves isn’t allowing us to connect with others, but offers a great opportunity to enlighten our minds with knowledge of our true intentions, our values, our overall consciousness of what we believe to be.

social distancing

Do we really need to be accessible to the things that were so readily available?

We are our only source of contentment and this experience is testing our ability to overcome one of the greatest, but most overlooked activity: being still, being present and finding security from within.

You see, we are all so focused on finding a way out of this mess. We are working so hard to get out of this state of discontentment, to stay clean and keep our immune system strong, that we’re missing out on one of the most beneficial healers of all time: our mind.

Once we can pivot our focus on our input and output of energy, our thoughts, our intentions, and focus on our overall manifestation of this issue, we can let go of the fear.
Our fear, anxiety and doubt are what makes us sick, breakout, judgmental, angry, depressed, disconnected and frivolous for cravings and the things that we feel satisfy our ‘needs.’

How can we change our perspective? How can we change our mindset? How can we enjoy the moment of self efficiency and aloneness during these chaotic times? How can we continue without worrying about what others are doing, without second guessing ourselves in every action we take during these times?

In our previous blog post, we mentioned some tips on enhancing mindfulness and subsiding anxiety, such as meditating and sitting in silence, but also observing our thoughts as a third person, questioning our motives, questioning our internal beliefs with why or how?


Deeply connecting with our bodies and the present energy within our aura and soul.

Becoming self aware with how we cultivate our initial reactions and energy responses. Becoming one with our bodies and minds. By eating nutritionally and supplementing with herbs and quality products. Sitting, feeling, processing, feeling, processing again, and allowing your rational mind to enter.

These are all so helpful to heighten our positivity and lift our spirited selves, so how do we start? Where do we start?

It begins with us and our current position. With willingness and acceptance. Surrendering to the unknown and to the only things we have control over...our minds, our bodies, our choices and honesty.
Let's get started.