Why CBD Can Help Women

Even though we believe that nearly everyone can benefit from CBD products, there is a special relationship between women and CBD. For example, did you know that research suggests receptor affinity changes throughout the menstrual cycle? And, recent studies have suggested a link between these receptors, CBD, and women’s health issues.

Research has also shown that CBD may support negative feelings such as stress, period related symptoms, and trouble sleeping. This is all excellent news for us, Winged Women! Read on to learn how CBD can help you lead your best life.

CBD for Stress and Overwhelm

Are your emotions running wild today? Don’t worry, it happens to all of us.

Firstly, it's important to acknowledge that your feelings are valid and that you should let yourself experience them. But, if you're finding that these kinds of days are preventing you from showing up as your best self, it may be time to incorporate a new step into your self-care routine.

Early studies show that CBD products may help relieve negative feelings associated with stress and overwhelm. It can do so by interacting with your body's endocannabinoid system, which regulates your body's processes, including emotional responses. While THC, the compound in marijuana, interacts with this system in a way that affects cognitive and motor function, CBD does not.

This characteristic makes CBD an excellent choice for women looking to relieve symptoms of stress and overwhelm. Winged's non-drowsy Relaxation Gummies are a great place to start for first-time CBD users looking for stress relief. Relaxation can help calm your mind and help you unwind after a hectic day. In addition to their benefits, CBD gummies are easy to take and delicious! 

cbd gummies for stress

CBD for Menstrual Cramps

When "that time of the month" rolls around, there's one thing we tend to dread the most: period cramps. This excruciating sensation can be a severe roadblock to accomplishing our daily goals.

Most women already have a toolbox to combat cramps, like over the counter medicine and heat pads. But, as women have become more health-conscious, we’ve noticed a shift from OTC pain medications to more natural and environmental friendly remedies like CBD.

Luckily, there is some evidence suggesting that CBD oil for pain might be an ideal solution. Research shows that CBD has been effective in assisting the endocannabinoid system while tackling issues related to inflammation. Winged's CBD products are specially formulated with ingredients to support a healthy inflammatory response and may help provide relief from cramping.

PMS Symptom Relief

Being a woman is an experience full of light and love, but we'd be lying if we said there weren't a few "downs" that accompany the numerous "ups." One "down" most of us are familiar with are PMS symptoms and the hormonal fluctuations that come at various times of the month.

Our line of Balance products are designed to support those hormonal imbalances. It has been found that CBD may help aid with various PMS symptoms like mood swings, pain, and fatigue. But, we don't just rely on CBD alone to get the job done. Our Balance formulas contain evening primrose oil, another natural ingredient, that has been known to help alleviate PMS symptoms.

Evening primrose oil contains essential fatty acids that help regulate your hormones, dial back inflammation, and address hormonally unbalanced skin.

CBD and Sleep

We all know just how crucial sleep is to our overall wellness. We also know just how hard it can be to get enough of it! The inability to fall asleep due to racing thoughts, distractions, or having an extra cup of coffee during the day can all keep us from getting that coveted 8 hours of ZZZs.

CBD may help you fall asleep and stay asleep on that occasional night of tossing and turning. Winged’s Sleepy Gummies contain a superstar team of CBD, melatonin (the chemical your brain releases naturally to help you sleep), and L-Theanine to promote mental relaxation.

Rest easy and get your best sleep yet so that you can be your best self yet.

cbd gummies for sleep
CBD is an excellent add-on to any woman's wellness routine. From easing mental difficulties to relieving feelings associated with discomfort, Winged's full line of CBD products are there for you.