Find Winged 
at Select
Target Stores

Find Winged 
at Select 

Target Stores

Sometimes, dreams can come true. I’m so excited to share today Winged is launching in Target stores. This has been a goal of mine and is a huge opportunity for our emerging brand to lead the charge in prioritizing women’s health for the masses. 


The catch? We’re launching in 350 stores nationwide as a test. If we are successful, Target will expand our line. This is our moment to shine and to prove why women need Winged. 


And that’s why we’re turning to you, our vibrant community, to help us keep the dream alive and celebrate this amazing moment for women. We firmly believe in bringing balance to women’s lives and breaking down the barriers standing in the way. That’s what Winged is all about! Let’s prove together that women’s health matters. 


How to Support 

Winged at Target

  • We're celebrating with FREE Winged at Target right now! Sign up below to grab yours. 
  • Request us at your local Target if we aren't there yet. 
  • Share, save, and comment on any posts, emails, etc. to help get more eyes on Winged!

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