Box of Winged Women's Wellness Love Bites Desire & Stimulation Gummies, natural blueberry flavor.


Meet Love Bites

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Wild Blueberry Flavor

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Passion & Sensation Booster

Perfect for use alone, or with a partner (great for sharing, too!)


Guaranteed to Set the Mood

"Warming sensation in the right areas."

The flavor is great, the results even better. My body responded very well and I did get what is described as a warming sensation in the right areas plus intense o…


Verified Buyer


Whew.. 2 hours after taking ONE and I was begging for it. I have NEVER desired intimacy on that level before. I’ve tried other major brands and it was a flop. Got these on a whim and I’m shocked. Do yourself and your partner a favor and ADD TO CART! ❤️


Verified Buyer

"Enhanced Wetness."

Definitely noticing a difference. Enhanced drive, pleasure and wetness. Definitely keeping my subscription.


Verified Buyer

Bring the heat

Your Get-in-the-Mood Guide

Love Bites are perfect in the moment and for a long-term libido boost. Amazing alone, or with a partner & perfect for sharing.

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Initial tingles felt within 30 minutes.

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Experience full benefits- increase libido, sensation, and drive.

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A second serving can be taken when the mood is right. Share with your partner. Safe for men also. 

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Package of Winged Women's Wellness 'Love Bites' gummies, with two gummies shown outside the box.

Love Bites Desire & Libido Gummies

Love Bites are the perfect foreplay for a night alone or with a partner. These wild blueberry flavored gummies support libido and pleasure through a combination of clinically studied ingredients and well-known adaptogens.

  • Includes Saffr'Activ® saffron extract which has been clinically studied and shown to increase arousal.
  • Damiana, Horny Goat Weed, and Niacin help increase blood flow and oxygen for enhanced pleasure. 
  • May help increase orgasm intensity.
  • Adaptogens like Maca to support the right headspace for intimacy. 
  • Safe for men to use for desire & arousal, too. 
  • For best results take daily, an additional serving may be taken when the mood is right. 


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      Female-focused ingredients

      Immediate impacts & long-term benefits

      Natural, not questionable additives

      Low Sugar (2 g per gummy)

      Vegan, Gluten Free, 3rd Party Tested



      Two dark-brown, sugar-coated gummy candies.


      A box of 'Winged Women's Wellness Love Bites' gummies, with two candles and a pink rose on a red background.


      Getting in the Mood,

      Made Easier.

      Conveniently delivered on your schedule.

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      Save 20% on every order.

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      Answers to Your Burning Questions

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      Can men take Love Bites?

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      Are Love Bites safe for daily use?