All About Snow Mushroom

This is not your average mushroom.

Native to subtropical and tropical locations like Brazil, China, and Taiwan, the snow mushroom grows in the wild on dead or recently fallen trees.

But, with its soft, jelly-like petals and otherworldly shape, we think this beautiful fungus looks like it should be a fairy’s magical home in an enchanted forest.

Ok, ok. Maybe the snow mushroom (aka tremella fuciformis) doesn’t have supernatural powers, and perhaps it isn’t a home for mythical creatures. But, it DOES have properties that are pretty darn close to magical.

And, it’s been quietly celebrated for these properties for centuries. One of the earliest documented uses of the snow mushroom for skincare came in 8th century China, in which a woman famed for her looks, Yang Guifei, toted it as her favorite product.

The rest is history— and since these early days, the snow mushroom has remained a best-kept secret. 

What Does Snow Mushroom Do for Skin?

snow mushroom benefits for skin

But, recently, the snow mushroom has been brought to our attention. Due to its hydrating powers, this fungus is having a major resurgence right now.

So, how does it work so well? The snow mushroom has been compared to hyaluronic acid, a popular ingredient known to help your skin retain moisture and hydration.

But, the snow mushroom has a leg up on hyaluronic acid. In addition to having an enzyme that locks moisture in, this fungal superhero can penetrate the skin better due to its smaller molecular size.

When your skin is fully hydrated, elasticity is encouraged, and visible signs of aging are reduced.

An all-natural hydrator and anti-ager that works even better than hyaluronic acid? Yes, please!

How to Incorporate Snow Mushroom into Skincare Routine

winged sheet mask with snow mushroom
At this point, you may be wondering just how to get your hands on this magic mushroom.

We totally know that it’s not realistic to go out on your own into the forest and forage a snow mushroom to use on your skin. But, we know just the product that’ll give your skin the benefits of the snow mushroom in an easy-to-use form.

Winged’s Radiance Facial Sheet Mask harnesses the hydrating power of the snow mushroom to bring your skin a total vivacious radiance. The mask also utilizes full-spectrum hemp extract, shea butter, and aloe to help recharge your skin and provide ultimate moisturization.

So, throw on your comfiest robe, smooth the mask onto your skin, and relax. And, while you’re at it, daydream that you’re a fairy hiding away in the snow mushroom’s petals.

Your skin will thank you!


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