Why Rise Up is a great pre-workout for women

You all know the feeling. It’s 4:30pm on a Wednesday, the work day is wrapping up, and it’s time to change into workout clothes and hit the gym. But, the motivation is lackluster, and honestly? It sounds a lot more appealing to curl up on the couch and watch an episode of Selling Sunset than head to the gym for lunges and squats.

Whether the workout of choice is a spin class, kickboxing, a quick walk around the block, or a pilates home routine, we all just need a little pick-me-up sometimes to help us reach our fitness goals.

I used to drink energy drinks right before the evening gym session, and while they definitely woke me up, I also was often left shaky and anxious in the place that is supposed to be a major stress buster. Additionally, the 200mg of caffeine of so that is in these drinks would come creeping up in me hours after the gym- like when I was crawling into bed.

Rise Up gummies containing nootropics and natural caffeine were created to be an alternative to highly stimulating energy drinks and pills. They are specially formulated for women and work on several different systems in the body to create natural and sustainable energy. Keep reading for why Rise Up is a great choice to reach for before your workout. Why is Rise Up such a great pre-workout for women?

1. It contains clean energy from natural caffeine.

Rise Up contains 36 milligrams of microencapsulated, extended-release caffeine, which is pretty much equal to a cup of green tea. It’s the perfect amount of caffeine to get you on the right track for the gym, but not to overload your system. A typical energy drink contains 100-200mg of caffeine, and a cup of coffee contains about 95mg.

Because Rise Up is lower in caffeine, it’s a great choice for those who work out at night as well as in the morning. Evening exercisers will love that they can still fall asleep with ease after using Rise Up, and morning exercisers can still safely consume more caffeine during the day after their workout.

And, as an additional benefit, the caffeine in Rise Up is combined with L-Theanine. The combination of L-Theanine and caffeine has been found by recent studies to be SUPER effective in increasing alertness and reducing tiredness. That’s the kind of back up we want in the gym. Theanine also counters any of the jitters that caffeine can cause so your energy is smooth and steady.

2. Rise Up contains nutrients that are specific to a woman’s body and metabolic health.

Energy production in women is more specific than in men due to the prevalence of thyroid issues (2-8x higher in women) and anemia from the menstrual cycle (2x more than men). Rise Up contains iodine to support thyroid hormone production, a common deficiency in women (estimated 2.2 million women are deficient in America). The thyroid gland is the "gas pedal" of the metabolism. Vitamin B12 in Rise Up, a natural energy production vitamin, also supports blood cell production to protect against anemia and resulting fatigue from deficiency. An estimated 19% of women are chronically B12 deficient.

3. It also contains stress-busting adaptogens and focus-aiding nootropics.

In addition to caffeine, Rise Up is also formulated with nootropics and adaptogens. Each delicious, pineapple flavored bite is PACKED with powerful nootropics Alpha-GPC and Huperzine A. These all-star ingredients team up to support the production and availability of Acetylcholine, the neurotransmitter responsible for focus, memory, and alertness.

Rise Up also contains the energizing and revitalizing adaptogen Ashwagandha, which can help you adapt to the stressors of the day and maintain mental clarity throughout your workout.

Need a quick refresher or a little more detail on what adaptogens are and what they do? Check out this blog post for more info.

4. It avoids the potentially harmful ingredients other pre-workout formulas use.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with energy, or even experience physical discomforts like itchiness after you take traditional powdered pre-workout? That's because many formulas contain complex ingredients that are not the best for your body, and whose long-term effects haven't been studied. Some pre-workout formulas on the market even contain N,alpha-diethylphenylethylamine which has a structure similar to methamphetamine. And yes, we mean THAT methamphetamine.

All in all…

Next time you’re feeling a bit sluggish before the gym, reach for Rise Up for some support.Your mind and body will thank ya.


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