Take Back Your Weekend

Is it Monday? No, it’s Thursday? Wait, it’s Wednesday? At times work days seem to blur together, and once the weekend hits, your days zoom by. Suddenly, it’s Monday morning all over again. 

The cycle has become even more pronounced, with many of us confined to at-home and socially distant activities. Just because your social calendar may look a little different doesn’t mean you can’t get the same satisfaction out of your weekend. 

Break the cycle and reclaim the weekend! Here are some weekend tips we live by: 

Plan Out Your Weekend

You don’t have to be Type A to have a plan. A plan can make things happen and set an intention for the weekend. From writing an itinerary to making a quick mental note, check-in with yourself on Thursday or Friday to feel what you need for the weekend. Do you want some R&R, to try something new, or to bond with family or close friends? Wanting a day to do absolutely nothing is definitely a fair answer. 

You want to do whatever will rejuvenate you, and this will look a lot different depending on who you are!

Cut Your Workload

Work from home may seem like a dream come true: PJ’s all day, a flexible schedule, and the comfort of your home. Although for some, WFH has blurred the boundaries of a work-life balance. Without the typical 9-5 office day, it can be hard to stop working and easy to open up your laptop on a Saturday. 

Don’t be afraid to set your boundaries (this goes for the weekday too). Having something planned, even if it’s a simple movie night, gives you a goal time to stop. 

Pro-Tip: If you absolutely need to work, set a strict amount of time and stick to it! 

Don’t Catch Up On Sleep

After waking up every weekday morning to jump on a Zoom call or get kids ready for school, you may be tempted to sleep in way past your usual wake-up time. We know this sucks to hear, but “catching up” on sleep can actually have the opposite effect. 

Sleeping in too much can throw your circadian rhythm out of whack. Your circadian rhythm is the physical, mental, and behavioral pattern we follow on a daily cycle. Keeping a regular sleep schedule is crucial for maintaining a balanced circadian rhythm. 

PSA: The amount you sleep doesn’t equal the quality of sleep; it’s just one part of the equation. If you want a deep, quality sleep, try a Sleep CBD Gummy before bed. Wake up on Monday feeling refreshed and energized. 

Digital Detox

You don’t have to lock up your phone every weekend, but time away from your phone can feel incredibly freeing. With technology, we live in a world that is immediate and fast-paced. A quick detox can refresh your perspective. Even if you give up your phone just for a couple of hours, you can feel a weight lifted off your shoulders.

Hello, Relaxing Weekend

We’ve rounded up some creative weekend activities you can do to unwind, recharge and smile! Customize your self-care activities based on what you enjoy and what you need.

Plan A Picnic

So simple yet so peaceful, planning a picnic can be a great way to appreciate the outdoors. Grab a blanket and head to your local park (your front yard works too!). The best part about your picnic? Snacks and drinks. Bring on the mimosas, iced coffee, or yummy endless chips. 

Invite your roommates, bring your family, or bring a book! 

Move Your Body, Girl!

Take advantage of not being stuck at your desk all day long. Hunching over a computer screen inside all day doesn’t feel food. Getting outside to take a long walk or high can do wonders for your mental and physical health. Get some physical activity in whatever way works for you. 

Try tennis with a friend, do a cardio workout, or have a dance party in your living room - anything that gets you up and out of your seat!


Pinterest geeks, this one is for you! Browse Instagram or Pinterest for inspiration and choose what speaks to you. From home improvement to new baking recipes, these small DIYs and projects can get your mind off the week ahead. Plus, they can be super rewarding once you’re finished. Here are a couple of ideas to kick it off:

  • Make Your Favorite Bread (Banana, Focaccia, Garlic… we love it all!)
  • Make A CBD Infused Cocktail
  • Start a garden and plant some veggies
  • Paint that dusty table in your garage

Self-care Sunday, Every Sunday

Sunday blues are real, and we aren’t here for it. Instead of worrying about your to-do list for the week ahead, treat yourself. Making a self-care Sunday routine can help set aside a designated time to relax. What counts as self-care? That’s up to you!

Try an online yoga class or take time to nourish yourself. Treat yourself with a Sunday face mask and movie night. Our Radiance Facial Sheet Mask hydrates your skin with ingredients like full spectrum hemp extract, snow mushroom, aloe, and shea butter. 

Reclaim Your Weekend

Shaking the Sunday Blues or relaxing during your weekend can be easier said than done, especially during overwhelming times. Don’t surrender to the rush of anxiety and worry. Take control of your mood by filling your weekend with activities that make you happy! 

For added relaxation, uplift your spirits with Happiness Soft Gels. Uniquely formulated for women, Happiness contains full spectrum hemp extract plus female-specific nutrients to support balance and neurotransmitter production that promote positive moods.