Can CBD Improve Your Sex Life?

Are you feeling the need to amp things up in the bedroom? We feel you, girl. 

While you may use CBD in your skincare routine or your morning coffee, you probably haven’t thought about using hemp for your sex life. 

CBD and sex might be your new secret weapon to feel really, really good. CBD might not directly affect sex, but its indirect benefits on the body can make your time in the bedroom (or wherever you do it) much more enjoyable.

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How Does CBD Make You Feel? 

You may be a little nervous to try CBD if you’ve ever had a bad experience with weed (too many edibles sound familiar?) We are here to clear the air — CBD and THC are totally different. CBD will make you feel high, as it isn’t able to produce any psychoactive effects. Instead, you will feel all the other amazing effects of hemp like:  

  • Feeling more calm and less stress
  • Uplifting your mood
  • Helping you catch more Zz’s
  • Overall better sense of balance

CBD affects your body’s endocannabinoid system to bring overall homeostasis to the body. The endocannabinoid system (AKA the ECS) regulates sleep, appetite, emotions, and a lot of other important things! This is what makes hemp’s benefits so extraordinary.

Think about CBD as the ultimate remedy for what you need! CBD helps your body communicate more effortlessly with itself. We all know how important communication is during sex, but we may never have thought about how our body communicates internally. 

The main strength CBD can bring to your intimate moments is helping you reach a state where you feel more comfortable, energetic, and in the mood to have sex!

Less Stress May Mean More Sex

Overwhelming stress may be the biggest downer on your sex drive. Who wants to go down when they are feeling down?

Relaxation is an all-natural, vegan gummy that helps you reach the ultimate moment of Zen, which can potentially help you reach an ultimate O! These gummies contain a powerful stress support formula that promotes your most chill state. We recommend using Relaxation CBD gummies when you feel stressed or overwhelmed to help you unwind. How else you unwind is up to you. ;)

Wait, how much CBD to relax? CBD dosage can vary a bit from person to person. For example, a CBD regular will probably have a different dosage than a CBD beginner. Check out our guide on CBD dosage for a better understanding. 

A grapefruit cut in half

Balancing Your Hormones

An imbalance of hormones can wreak havoc on your sex drive. Our hormones can have a powerful impact on our mind and body, affecting our growth, metabolism, emotions, reproduction, and we are just getting started. 

The ECS (remember the endocannabinoid system) impacts the female reproductive system, and when this is not balanced, your mood, perception of pain, and appetite can be throw out of whack. 

The ECS is sort of like the gatekeeper to your stress response and can play a significant role in hormone production in women. Since CBD is so supportive in balancing the ECS, this can be a game-changer in balancing hormones and getting to the root of your stress. 

Our Happiness Soft Gels are the best bet towards more balance. The two primary female hormones: estrogen and progesterone, are important for sexual and reproductive development in women. Plus, they regulate a woman's menstrual cycle! 

Our Happiness Soft Gels are formulated with natural ingredients to help regulate your estrogen and progesterone levels. Happiness also contains 5HTP, which is a precursor to serotonin. We suggest taking Happiness with food as the herbs are strong yet effective. 

Psssst... If you are taking an SSRI/SNRI, talk to your doc before incorporating 5HTP into your routine. 

With less stress, mood swings, and PMS, you will have a lot more time for other things…

Get Intimate!

Whether it’s easing your pain and discomfort or helping your body relax, the effects of CBD can support your sexual health and wellness. Keep in mind that CBD products are not the end all be all! 

Your sexual health is something that is constantly changing and evolving! There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to good sex. Understanding your boundaries and desires surround sex can help you have more fun in the bedroom!