3 Ways to Make Your Mornings Mindful

The Magic of a Morning Ritual 

Most mornings are pretty much a shitshow unless we are super conscious of organizing our mornings to start in a positive way. The older we get the more it seems that we try to pack into that early AM time slot-- morning workouts, those emails from the east coast when you are on PST, getting the kids ready, being uncaffeinated and still having to be nice to other humans :) In short, mornings can be rushed and downright chaotic. 

The bad news: although you are certainly capable of getting everything on the checklist done, this kind of living leaves your mind and body in a constant state of chaos. 

So now that we went through that, let’s explore some ways that we can try to do things differently. Ready to change your life for the better? Let’s get into it. 

What are you going to do for someone else today? 

Pink journal with title today I am grateful

When you first awake, your mind is most available to receive and process emotional energy and vibrations. So, it only makes sense that the first thoughts you have in the morning and first actions you take will set the tone for the rest of your day. 

Try this for one month. Commit to it for just 30 days and see what happens. 

When you open your eyes, try for the first thing you do is to think of one awesome, beautiful or kind thing you will do for someone else that day. Whether it’s calling an old friend, or telling your lover how much you appreciate them, think of it in the morning and then execute it. It gets your heart vibrating in the right frequency and will bring that peaceful, easy feeling to you knowing that you have something sweet planned for the day ahead. This action does not need to be big or extravagant, just something you put some thought into and then commit to it. 

This practice will promote a strong sense of contentment and mindfulness that will permeate your attitude for the rest of the day. 

Then, do what makes YOU happy in the morning

piccasso style illustration of a woman looking in a full size mirror

Many people have ideas on what the “ideal” morning looks like. We aren’t going to give you a cookie cutter routine to follow, because the truth is that we all have different needs. 

If you have a family, designate a half hour for your time. Everyone needs to be aware that during Mommy’s morning time, it’s her time and to leave her be. Maybe this is reading for a few minutes in bed, or grabbing a vibrator for an orgasmic start to the day….whatever will make you feel good, that’s what you need to be doing during this 30 minute block. We’ll say it again. Do what makes YOU feel good. Sure, there might be benefits to a freezing cold morning shower, but if that sounds pretty brutal to you like it does to us, skip it! You are much more likely to stick to a mindful morning ritual if it is authentic to you. 

It doesn’t matter what morning ritual you adopt. All that matters is that you commit to it. 

Perfect ending to a perfect morning: good mood nutrients. 

French press, Winged Happy Start and a mug of coffee

We formulated our Happy Start drink powder to be exactly that. With Adaptogens like Ashwagandha, Maca, Shatavari and Reishi, when mixed into any drink, Happy Start prepares your body to handle stressful situations, while good-energy promoting ingredients like Lemon Balm, L-Tyrosine and Lion’s Mane keep you in a mindful state all day long. Looking for something with added skin-boosting benefits? Check out Glow Up AM, formulated for morning energy and focus with additional skin-supporting and fine-line-busting ingredients. 

Sometimes, getting into the “groove” of awesome mornings just requires a little helping hand. 


So, there you have it, Winged Women! We sincerely hope that each and every one of you is able to embark on their journey towards an amazing morning that sets the tone for epic days.