Your Checklist for Starting CBD Supplements

CBD has made its debut everywhere, from our makeup bags to our medicine cabinets. And with its long list of potential wellness benefits and non-psychoactive properties, it continues to grow in popularity. After all, that’s why we love it! If you’re reading this, chances are you might be new to CBD and looking for some beginner tips before you use CBD oil, CBD supplements, or CBD topicals.

Well, grab your girlfriends because we are here to help! Whether you’re looking to help with stress management, post-workout muscle tension, or simply to relax a bit, we have a few key things to keep in mind before jumping in. Just remember-you should always consult with your primary care doctor before starting any new supplement regimen

Tip 1: Start Slow

No two people are the same, so everyone’s sweet spot dosage for CBD may be different. You’re probably thinking what’s the right CBD dosage for me?  Although we can’t tell you that, we can tell you that it’s best to begin with a small dose and work your way up slowly. Starting with too much all at once is the biggest mistake that anyone trying CBD supplements for the first time can make. 

Instead, start with 5-10 milligrams, then give yourself time to see how long it takes to set in. You can build your dosage a little at a time until you find what works best for you. Keeping a journal of how you feel will help you discover your perfect dosage of CBD. If you’re lost, remember that most women take around 10-60 mg per day depending on the need.

Tip 2: Everyone is Different

CBD is a personalized experience in the same way that medication or even beauty products work for one person but not another. Because of your unique DNA and body chemistry, what works for someone else may not be the same for you. And that’s okay! That’s why it’s important to be mindful of how CBD affects you, so you can find the right harmony for your mind and body.

Tip 3: Drink Up

Don’t reach for the wine glasses just yet—we’re talking about drinking water. For starters, most of us aren’t hydrating enough on a given day. And no, sorry, coffee doesn’t count! Whether you’re taking CBD supplements or not, make sure to keep refilling your water bottle throughout the day. Plus, keeping hydrated might have a positive effect on your mood! 

Tip 4: Your Preferred Method

CBD supplements come in a few different forms. Some people prefer CBD oils, also known as CBD tinctures, while others prefer it in a pill or chewable form, like CBD gummies. When it comes to delivery methods, it’s all about personal preference. Many CBD newbies have found it helpful to start out using an oil form. With oils, you have more control over the dosage so you can figure out what best fits your needs. Not sure how to use the oil? We have some great recipes to fix that. Also, remember that we have our peppermint flavored Balance Oils that can be taken straight from the dropper! 
cbd drops and green juice

Tip 5: Be Patient

Finding the right dose, product, and delivery form can take time, so don’t stress. If you find yourself getting frustrated, always remember that’s what CBD is for! Be patient as you allow your body to figure out the right balance and timing.

CBD side effects are generally uncommon, but if you are experiencing any, back off the dosage a bit or consult your doctor if the side effects become serious. Otherwise, when it comes to this supplement, play around with it, and in no time you will find what helps you feel your best and stress less!